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90MM Infinity Glow™+Switchback (Sequential) LED Halo Kit

Our Infinity Glow™ switchback halo kits add lots of flair and style to customize your ride. You get the best of both worlds with this unique universal LED set. It’s beautiful and practical with a fully functioning turn signal feature. It syncs with your indicator lights, and it switches back to the current display setting automatically. All you need to do is connect the built-in yellow wires to your existing turn signal wiring. Enjoy a wide selection of colors and patterns with total control. Each kit comes with a Bluetooth driver that allows you to change your lights at any time with a smartphone or Bluetooth enabled tablet.

It comes with everything you need to get started, and you don’t need to add any extra toggles to your dashboard. The included power converter is 100% plug-and-play ready. All you have to do is mount the LED halos, connect the power converter to the power source, and plug in the Bluetooth driver. We recommend having your kit installed by a professional for the best results. Keep in mind that installation does require headlight modification, and this kit does not include a headlight assembly or housing. You’ll need to disassemble your current headlight to mount the LED halos inside.

Our team at Lit Lightz thinks that everyone should have the same luxury lighting options that higher-end vehicles have to offer. That’s why we went out of our way to provide constantly improving technology to automobile enthusiasts like you. Our latest 90MM Infinity Glow™ Switchback LED Halo Kit has the latest features including 120 modes, endless static color settings, sequential amber-colored turn signal functions, and automatic switchback. We’ve even included two extension cables to make installing your new LED halos that much easier. Once your halos are hooked up, download the dedicated controller app to your Smartphone, and get ready for a fun night out!


  • 2 X 90MM Infinity Glow™+Switchback (Sequential) LED Halo Rings
  • 1 X Plug & Play Power Converter
  • 1 X Driver W/ 2 Turn Signal Wires
  • 2 X Extension Cables
  • 1 X Infinity Glow™ Bluetooth Controller


Lit Lightz Infinity Glow™+Sequential Switchback LED Halo Kit Install Guide: Click Here