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Color Chasing LED Interior Footwell Light Kit (Universal)


Our interior color chasing kit will take your car’s interior to another level. It can be installed in any car or truck to add an extra sense of style to your ride. This kit features ultra-bright and vivid colors that are perfect for a fun night out. The wide-angle SMD LEDs are made to last, and these strips can be installed anywhere on the interior of your vehicle. You can mount them under your seats, in your dashboard, or wherever you like inside. We offer three selections of controller options to impress your friends. Make your ride stand out from the crowd with 100 to 300 color chasing modes depending on the controller you choose.

Our music sync controller is the most popular option. It has multiple solid color modes along with 180 color chasing modes. You can perfectly sync it with your favorite music, and it will flash along with the beat. Just turn up your favorite tracks, and the built-in microphone will take care of the rest. You can adjust the sensitivity for heavy bass or low volume. It’s easy with our dedicated app. Use the slider on the music menu to set it just right.

This LED kit features solid color modes including blue, red, green, purple, teal, yellow, and white. That gives you a wide range of colors to play with. You’ll receive all the components you need to get started. Our universal interior color chasing kit comes with a set of two 12” fully-flexible strips with 20 ultra-bright LEDs built-in.

Each strip has five inches of lead wire to make installation easier in tight spots. All you need to do after mounting your lights is connect the 5V power converter. It has a connection for the power, ground, Bluetooth controller, and two JST strip plugs. If you don’t want to use a standalone power converter, then you can wire your lights directly to your fuse panel with our ADD-A-FUSE upgrade. Just connect the red wire to the Fuse Tap and connect the black wire to a grounding source on your vehicle.


Download: Color Chasing LED Interior Footwell Light Kit Instructions


  • 2 X 12" LED interior Color Chasing Strips
  • 1 X Plug & Play Harness
  • 1 X Controller Choice


    Color Chasing Series Bluetooth controller

    • 120 ColorChasing patterns
    • Solid color wheel picker
    • Control Brightness and speed

    Color ChasingSeries Music Controller

      • Built-in Microphone
      • 180 Color Chasing patterns
      • Solid color picker
      • Control Brightness and speed
      • NEWMusic Modes! 
      • Control via LED Chord on Android and Apple

        RF Color Chasing Series Controller

        • 300 Color Chasing patterns
        • Solid color options
        • Control Brightness and speed