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24 Inch Infinity Glow™ Rigid LED Strips


Our Infinity Glow™ Rigid LED strips lighting kit brings you more than just solid colors. You will receive a full-color wheel to choose from, plus 120 show modes! Worry about water leaks? Lit Lightz has you covered, our 16-inch strips are IP67 water-resistant.   

 **NOTE: This item is finale sale, no warranty or returns**


    Infinity Glow™ Series Bluetooth controller 

    • 120 patterns
    • Solid color wheel picker
    • Control Brightness and speed
        • 2 X 24" Infinity Glow™ Rigid Strips
        • 1 X Plug & Play Harness 
        • 1 X Bluetooth Controller
          • Make sure to mount your Infinity Glow™ Bluetooth Controller inside of your vehicle. Failure to do so will void the warranty.
          • DO NOT add your own wires to the end of the Infinity Glow™ Bluetooth Controller.
          • Power is being supplied by the 5v Plug and Play harness.