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80MM Infinity Glow™+Switchback (Sequential) LED Halo Kit


Get the best of both worlds with Lit Lightz Infinity Glow™+Switchback (Sequential) LED Halo KIt! This new version includes a new sequential switchback turn signal option, endless static color options, and 120 modes! 


Simply tap the 2 yellow wires (located on the driver) into your existing turn signal wiring. When you activate the turn signal, our advanced LED driver will automatically make the halos turn amber and start the sequential function, this will override any colors you previously had for the moment. Once the turn signal is off, the halos will revert back to the original color.

*Please note, you will be required to bake open your headlights for the proper installation of this kit. This halo kit does not include headlight assembly or housing. Professional installation is recommended.


  • 2 X 80MM Infinity Glow™+Switchback (Sequential) LED Halo Rings
  • 1 X Plug & Play Power Converter
  • 1 X Driver W/ 2 Turn Signal Wires
  • 2 X Extension Cables
  • 1 X Infinity Glow™ Bluetooth Controller



Lit Lightz Infinity Glow™+Switchback (Sequential) LED Halo Kit Install Guide: Click Here