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Premium RGBW Demon Eyes (Universal)


Lit Lightz premium LED demon eyes are engineered to increase reliability, brightness and overall ease of use. Using one of the top LED chip-set manufactures, our premium RGBW demon eyes each come equip with high-power 1.5W LED'S making enough light output to be visible even for daytime use! 


Unlike other LED demon eye kits on the market that produce a mixed white color, our premium RGBW LED demon eyes have a dedicated pure white LED chip, that puts out a clear pure white color. This is a great option to have if you wish to run your demon eye kit while on the road. 


Lit Lightz premium RGBW demon eye kit is universal and will fit on any vehicle with projector headlights. Please note with the kit being universal, in some cases you will need to do some modification to the mounting area for proper installation.

With our RGBW Bluetooth controller, you can choose any color imaginable, including Pure White. Choose from a wide selection of preset modes that include strobe, fade, and more. Don’t see a mode you like? Just program your own, and save it for later!

Please note headlight modification is required. This demon eye kit does not include headlight assembly or housing. Professional installation is recommended.



  • 2 X Premium RGBW Demon Eyes 
  • 2 X Premium RGBW Demon Eyes Drivers
  • 1 X Plug and Play Bluetooth Controller 


        RGBW Bluetooth Controller

        • Full color-wheel
        • Dedicated pure white option
        • Multiple modes (Strobing, Jumping, Fading) 
        • Music Sync
        • Control brightness and speed
        • Create custom modes 


          Keep in mind our LED demon eyes can be installed on any car or truck. If you have any questions please reach out to support@litlightz.com 

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