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2013-2016 Scion FR-S Spec-D Color Chasing LED Boards


Customize your set of Spec-D headlights with our Color Chasing LED boards for your Scion FR-S or Subaru BRZ! Our Color Chasing LED boards are a direct fit into your Spec-D headlights. Featuring full color functionality, dedicated pure white DRL and sequential turn signals.

Please note headlight modification is required. This Boomerang board does not include headlight assembly or housing. Professional installation is recommended.



      Color ChasingSeries Bluetooth controller

      • 120 ColorChasing patterns
      • Solid color wheel picker
      • Control Brightness and speed
        • 2 X Lit Lightz Color Chasing LED Boomerang boards
        • 1 X Plug & Play Harness
        • 1 X Bluetooth Controller
        • 2 X Extension Cables



            • Download Color Chasing LED Boomerang Install Instructions
            • Start by removing the factory screws from the headlight, once completed remove any rubber items and the halogen bulb before placing headlight housing inside the oven.
            • We recommend baking 1 headlight at a time, at 220 for 5-10 mins.
            • Carefully prop open the headlights, clear lens housing is very sensitive and will break if not careful.
            • Once open just remove the stock LED board by unscrewing the board from the housing.
            • Carefully add our Lit Lightz Color Chasing by screwing back in the factory screws DO NOT misplaced screws!
            • When drilling holes start small, make adjustments as needed.
            • We recommend using one of our cable Gland Locknuts for proper wire routing through the headlight assembly to avoid leaks.
            • Use proper wiring techniques and wire management when routing wire through the engine bay.
            • To secure any male to female connections please add heat shrink tubing.
            • Color chasing RF, Bluetooth and Music controllers are NOT waterproof.
            • Make sure to mount your color chasing Bluetooth or WiFi Controller inside the vehicle. Failure to do so will void the warranty on your Custom SPEC-D headlights and extension connector is provided with your choice of controller.
            • DO NOT add your own wires to the end the color chasing controller.
            • Power supply for the color chasing controller is 5V DO NOT bypass