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Warranty Information


Lit Lightz carries a *1-Month limited warranty on all products, for manufacturing defects or product failure.

If you have an issue with any product, we will diagnose the problem with you, and you may be required to answer questions or assist in the diagnosis. 

For approved warranty claims, Lit Lightz will replace the defective product with the same product or, if it has been discontinued, one comparable in performance and value.

1-Year Warranty:This is ONLY available for the new version of our Infinity Glow Underglow V2. Covers manufacture defects. The warranty will NOT cover improper use of the product or accidental road damage. 

U.S. Customers: In most cases, you will immediately receive the new products. However, in some cases, you may need to send the damage/defective item first, before any replacements get issued. 

International Customers: Will need to pay for shipping the replacement, please contact 

Water Damage: The JST connectors on all Lit Lightz kits are not waterproof or water resistant. Please be aware water damage is NOT covered under the 1-year warranty. We strongly recommend you add, dielectric grease, glue line heat shrink or electrical tape to each connection on the kit. For our Underglow kit, five pieces of glue line heat shrink will be provided with your kit. Failure to add the glue line heat shrink to your Underglow kit will result in the warranty being void.

RGB/RGBW/Individually Addressable LEDs:

Please keep in mind; there is always a risk of failure when installing RGB/RGBW and individually addressable LED components. While Lit Lightz products are made specifically for vehicles, certain factors outside of our control can damage any part of the kit. Some factors include but are not limited to, the following.

  • Improper installation or handling of the LED components 
  • Degrading battery
  • Irregularities in power draw from the battery of the car 
  • Water damage
  • Excessive heat from weather or low beams
  • Rusted or dirty battery terminals 

Lit Lightz will not be responsible for any labor cost associate with replacing defective/damaged items. While there is a risk with installing RGB/RGBW and individually addressable LEDs, our excellent customer service is always here to help. If you experience any problems, please reach out to us at for further assistance.



Troubleshooting Form 


All schedules are based on the number of days between the original purchase date. All warranties are non-transferable. Warranty terms and policies are subject to change without notice.

All warranties, expressed or implied, are void if our warranty claim department determines that there is sufficient evidence of one or more of the following: 

  • Negligence: Improper installation or improper use, including using or installing any product in a manner not specified by Lit Lightz, or damage caused by improper installation. 
  • Abuse: Damage beyond the limits of "normal wear and tear."
  • Unauthorized Repair: Repair service performed or attempted by an unauthorized party. 
  • Unauthorized Dealer: Purchase of items through any unauthorized party. 
  • Modification or Tampering: Opening, disassembling, cutting wires, or in any way tampering with any product in a manner not specified by Lit Lightz


We understand that some products may be modified in the course of installation or use by the customer to suit a particular need. However, opening, disassembling, cutting wires, or otherwise modifying any product in a manner not specified by Lit Lightz will void the product warranty.

For modifications to wiring, electrical components, or connectors, our staff will assist as possible but are trained to support problems that arise in the course of regular use without modification. Product instructions and installation guidance should be followed as written.


Following the set guidelines listed below will improve and extend the life of any Lit Lightz products. These guidelines are meant only to serve as recommendations and are not entirely fail-proof. 

  • Store Bluetooth Controllers in a cool, dry place, away from any moisture or water. For Lit Lightz Infinity Glow Halo Kits, Flexible LED strips, and LED tubes, the user has the option to purchase a stand-alone extension cable. The extension cable allows you to run the Bluetooth controller to the inside of the vehicle. 
  • Add heat shrink to JST connectors for a watertight sealed or dielectric grease. 
  • Maintain heat to a minimum by not running the low beams or having the car on while your lights are on. 
  • Be cautious of severe weather around your area and make the necessary adjustments to ensure your kit does not get damaged.

Lit Lightz products are considered accent lighting and should not be used as frequently as you would performance lighting (HIDs, LED Headlights, Halogen Bulbs). 



Please refer to local and state laws for the proper use of this product! Improper installation of electrical products such as lighting could cause damage to a vehicle's electrical system or connected devices. Practice extreme caution and follow all established safety procedures and common-sense best practices. This product could require the handling of high voltage wiring. Electricity could cause injury or death. Professional installation is recommended. Lit Lightz will not be held responsible for any damage or cost, whether direct or indirect, incurred by the consumer concerning any Lit Lightz Product. Lit Lightz reserves the right to alter or amend any portion of the warranty, as mentioned above.  

In some cases, Lit Lightz products may not meet your local law enforcement regulations. All Lit Lightz modifications and installations are at the customer's discretion. Lit Lightz or hold NO responsibility either implied or otherwise for mechanical, electrical, or other failure when using our products. Some items sold are solely for off-road use only. They may be illegal in various states and provinces. By purchasing Lit Lightz products, the customer takes full responsibility for any use and misuse of the product and agrees that Lit Lightz or holds no liability for any consequences, legal, or other, of such use or misuse.